Brandon Herrera Officially Filed to Appear on the Ballot

San Antonio, TX – Brandon Herrera filed to appear on the ballot in the Republican Primary in Texas’ 23rd Congressional District.

Brandon Herrera made the following statement:

Yesterday, I officially launched my candidacy and filed to run for Congress. I’m running to fight for our Constitutional rights and serve this district’s voters. Tony Gonzales abandoned Texans by voting for gun control, amnesty, and woke ideology in the military. We need to hold our representatives accountable when they betray their voters.

Texans deserve a representative who will fight for their values – not someone who votes with Democrats to infringe on the Second Amendment. Tony Gonzales consistently folds on critical issues. He voted for unconstitutional Red Flag laws and restrictions on firearm purchases. He voted against border security while lethal drugs like fentanyl were flowing into the U.S. interior. Instead of ensuring our military is strong, Tony voted to send taxpayer dollars to fund drag shows at the Pentagon.  It is time for new leadership that will deliver for the constituents of Texas’ 23rd district.

Brandon is available for interviews. Please contact the campaign at 210.504.9795 or email