Solving the Border Crisis

Brandon will block any spending bills that do not include finishing the wall, returning to the “Remain in Mexico” policy, and ending the phony asylum claim racket. 

Cutting Taxes, Spending, and Regulation

Brandon has taken the “No New Taxes” pledge and will fight to lower the wasteful government spending that has sparked record inflation. He’ll also sponsor the REINS Act to force congressional review of proposed regulations.

Improve Veterans Healthcare

Brandon will make sure the promise our country made to our veterans is kept. He will work to expand Tricare so that all vets can go to the doctor of their choice, and Brandon will have two full-time staffers, one in the district and one in DC, who are dedicated to helping veterans get the help they deserve.

Defending Gun Rights

Brandon will fight for national concealed carry legislation and block any effort to pass Red Flag laws or any new firearms restrictions. He will also increase funding for firearm training for school employees to better protect our children.

Protecting Life

Brandon is committed to the Pro-Life agenda and will oppose any government funding for abortion. On his first day in office he will sponsor the Infant Born Alive Act to protect the lives of children born alive during an attempted abortion.

Enacting Term Limits

Brandon has signed the US Term Limits Pledge and will co-sponsor a constitutional amendment limiting members of Congress to three terms and US Senators to two terms to restore the citizen legislature our founders envisioned.

School Choice and Protecting Homeschooling

Brandon believes that education funding should follow the child, not the bureaucracy, and will sponsor legislation that will expand school choice to allow parents to choose public, private, or parochial education for their kids and recognizes the God-given right of parents to homeschool their children.

Oppose Endless Wars

Brandon will oppose sending billions of our dollars to defend Ukraine’s borders while ours remain wide open. He will vote to bring our soldiers home from places like Syria and Iraq where we have no direct national interests.

Funding Social Security and Medicare

Brandon will oppose cutting benefits in the Social Security and Medicare programs that senior citizens depend on. He also supports expanding investment options for younger workers so the program is there for them when they retire.

Supporting President Trump

Brandon endorses Donald J. Trump for President and worked for his first campaign in 2016.








Brandon working on President Trump’s 2016 campaign.