These are Brandon Herrera’s official position on the issues the voters of Texas’s 23rd Congressional District care about.

Abortion. Brandon is Pro-Life and will oppose any taxpayer funding of abortion.

Second Amendment. Brandon is himself a firearms manufacturer and opposes any new gun control. He seeks the repeal of the pistol brace ban and other unconstitutional firearm restrictions.

Border Security. Herrera will support President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Policy, ending the fake asylum loophole, finishing the wall, and robust interior enforcement.

Religious Freedom. Herrera supports repealing legislation declaring the New Testament as “hate speech” and opposes any attempts to limit American’s First Amendment Rights.

Fourth Amendment. Herrera opposes the recent legislation that would allow warrantless surveillance of US citizens and will work to repeal it. 

Medical Freedom & Privacy. Herrera supports medical freedom and privacy and opposes any vaccine tracking database.

Supporting President Trump. Herrera worked for President Trump’s previous campaign and endorsed his campaign for 2024.