Brandon Herrera’s Statement on Advancing to Run-Off against Tony Gonzales

San Antonio, TX – Brandon Herrera made the following statement:

Last night, the people of Texas’ 23rd Congressional District sent a message: they’re done with Tony Gonzales and his betrayal of our shared conservative values.

Tony sabotaged fellow Republicans’ border reform bill and called it “anti-American” and “not Christian.” When Tony’s own district was being overrun with illegals, every other Republican member of Congress backed Texas Governor Abbott in his fight to secure the border except Tony. Instead, Tony voted to send $40 billion taxpayer dollars to defend Ukraine’s border.

Tony voted for Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates and to fund a $400 million federal vaccine tracking database that would enable the government to deny employment and benefits to individuals who refused experimental vaccines.

He voted to keep our soldiers in Syria where they are dying for no national interest. He voted to authorize warrantless wiretaps of American citizens. He voted for taxpayer-funded abortions and to allow government persecution of religious organizations that support traditional marriage.

He voted with Democrats for the January 6th Commission to prosecute and imprison President Trump and allowed himself to be a prop in Nikki Haley’s campaign ads.

And when it was time to hold the leadership of local law enforcement accountable for the tragedy in Uvalde, he instead blamed law-abiding citizens and supported Joe Biden’s gun control bill that funds unconstitutional Red Flag laws and takes 2nd Amendment rights away from veterans.

These are all the reasons that a clear majority of Republicans in the district voted against him yesterday, but his response is to call these voters crazy and say he needs to “drown” them.

Last night, he found out we’re a little more buoyant than he thought.

I want to thank the many volunteers and donors to my campaign who made this outcome possible.  I also want to thank the other candidates in this race who helped keep Tony under 50% and have, through this campaign, become my friends.

And I’d also like to thank the voters who sent me to this run-off for giving me your vote. I will work hard to earn your trust every day as your Congressman and, unlike Tony, I will never take your vote for granted.

Now is the time for the Republicans of southwest Texas to unify behind my campaign as we advance to the run-off on May 28 and finish the fight!

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Brandon is available for local media interviews. Please contact Kimmie Gonzalez at or 904.814.5015.