Brandon Herrera Condemns Hamas and the Biden Administration’s Reckless Foreign Policy

San Antonio, TX – Brandon Herrera made the following statement:

Hamas’ horrific terrorist attacks on Israel are a deadly consequence of the Biden Administration’s reckless foreign policy. When Biden removed troops from Afghanistan, he left behind billions of dollars in weapons and equipment which may have fallen into the hands of terrorists.

Instead of securing the border or helping Americans trapped in Afghanistan, Biden has provided Iran with billions of dollars – despite its open sponsorship of Hezbollah and Hamas. His administration has armed terrorists in Gaza and fueled Iranian aggression in the Middle East. Biden’s foreign policy has increased volatility in the region and enabled terrorists and their sponsors to launch attacks against Israel.

Tony Gonzales has demonstrated he cannot be relied upon to take action.  When I am in Congress, I will ban foreign aid to terrorists like Hamas, and I will support legislation to prohibit financial support to Iran.

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