Watch: Tony Gonzales Failed to Defend Our Border

Tony Gonzales blocked reforms to deport illegal immigrants. Brandon Herrera will fight to secure our border.

Gonzales Challenger Brandon Herrera Raises $323k in Q3

San Antonio, TX – Brandon Herrera for Congress raised $323,406.57 in his first quarter as a candidate in the Republican primary against RINO incumbent Tony Gonzales.

He raised over eleven times more than the rest of the challengers combined. He also reports $239,080 cash on hand which is 22 times more than all of the other challengers have combined. His average contribution was under $200, meaning most of his donors can continue to give more as the March primary approaches.

Brandon made the following statement:

I have tremendous gratitude to the donors who believe in me and my mission to replace Tony Gonzales with a constitutional conservative who shares the values of southwest Texas.

While Tony collects contributions in $5000 lump sums from the corporate PACs that control him, I’m honored and humbled to receive $50, $25, and $5 donations from the people of this district that Tony has forgotten and whom I intend to serve.

The best part is we’re just getting started and momentum is building as true Republicans from Bexar to El Paso Counties and everywhere in between rally to my campaign to make sure the primary on March 5th will be Tony Gonzales’ Alamo.

Brandon Herrera is a job creator in San Antonio who owns and runs a firearms manufacturing facility. His influential firearms-focused Youtube channel has grown to nearly 3 million followers.

Brandon is available for interviews. Please contact the campaign at 210.504.9795 or email

Herrera Kickoff Week: Encouraged and Energized

San Antonio, TX – Following last week’s kickoff tour that hit nine cities from one end of Texas’s 23rd Congressional District to the other, Brandon Herrera made the following statement:

I’ve never run for office before, and I cannot overstate how encouraged and energized I am from my experience introducing my campaign to the people that I seek to represent in Congress.

Everyone from business owners to moms to veterans to seniors to blue-collar working people came out to hear my message and share their concerns about the direction of our district, our state, and our country.

And what they all had in common was the belief Tony Gonzales has got to go. They demand someone who will defend our constitution and support our values instead of someone who makes a mockery of our treasured rights and freedoms.

Whether it’s Tony’s support for new gun control and red flag laws, his opposition to common sense solutions for our border crisis, his recent vote to allow warrantless surveillance on US citizens and DEI policies in our military, or breaking a written promise to the people of southwest Texas to support term limits, he’s proven unfit to represent Texas’ 23rd Congressional District.

I look forward to continuing to spread my message of conservative, constitutional government to the people of this district and retiring Tony Gonzales in the Republican Primary on March 5th.

Brandon is available for interviews. Please contact the campaign at 210.504.9795 or email

Brandon Herrera Officially Filed to Appear on the Ballot

San Antonio, TX – Brandon Herrera filed to appear on the ballot in the Republican Primary in Texas’ 23rd Congressional District.

Brandon Herrera made the following statement:

Yesterday, I officially launched my candidacy and filed to run for Congress. I’m running to fight for our Constitutional rights and serve this district’s voters. Tony Gonzales abandoned Texans by voting for gun control, amnesty, and woke ideology in the military. We need to hold our representatives accountable when they betray their voters.

Texans deserve a representative who will fight for their values – not someone who votes with Democrats to infringe on the Second Amendment. Tony Gonzales consistently folds on critical issues. He voted for unconstitutional Red Flag laws and restrictions on firearm purchases. He voted against border security while lethal drugs like fentanyl were flowing into the U.S. interior. Instead of ensuring our military is strong, Tony voted to send taxpayer dollars to fund drag shows at the Pentagon.  It is time for new leadership that will deliver for the constituents of Texas’ 23rd district.

Brandon is available for interviews. Please contact the campaign at 210.504.9795 or email

Brandon Herrera Condemns Hamas and the Biden Administration’s Reckless Foreign Policy

San Antonio, TX – Brandon Herrera made the following statement:

Hamas’ horrific terrorist attacks on Israel are a deadly consequence of the Biden Administration’s reckless foreign policy. When Biden removed troops from Afghanistan, he left behind billions of dollars in weapons and equipment which may have fallen into the hands of terrorists.

Instead of securing the border or helping Americans trapped in Afghanistan, Biden has provided Iran with billions of dollars – despite its open sponsorship of Hezbollah and Hamas. His administration has armed terrorists in Gaza and fueled Iranian aggression in the Middle East. Biden’s foreign policy has increased volatility in the region and enabled terrorists and their sponsors to launch attacks against Israel.

Tony Gonzales has demonstrated he cannot be relied upon to take action.  When I am in Congress, I will ban foreign aid to terrorists like Hamas, and I will support legislation to prohibit financial support to Iran.

Brandon is available for interviews. Please contact the campaign at 210.504.9795 or email